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You could be a LATA Art Angel!

Make a donation today! We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization and all your donations are a tax write off!   

To donate find us on Zelle 

as losangelestheatreacademy@gmail or on Venmo through our QR code!


The Los Angeles Theatre Academy recognizes the many wonderful people for their generous support. Thank you!


Don't have the time to volunteer but would still like to help LATA? Donations of any amount will be used to fund our existing programs as well as create new ones! Because we are a  a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible!


Volunteering opportunities are open to anyone who would like to help the Los Angeles Theatre Academy staff perform daily duties or conduct a class. High School students seeking to fulfill community service for college or scholarship applications are welcome to apply.


Are you a charitable organization, business owner, or individual with a strong appreciation for the arts? Become a sponsor and you could help LATA continue to inspire and educate through the arts. Being featured on our website and all our marketing materials is just one of the perks you would enjoy as a sponsor.

Meet our art angels!

 Patricia Alarcon, Patricia Amirouche, Sadie Barragán, William D. Barragan, Susana Benavidez, Carlos Brown, Edmund & Jeanne Buckley, Leticia and Paul Buckley,Davina Chen, Douglas Glenn Clark, Joseph Cultice, Linda Fisher, Oscar & Kerry Franco, Sergio & Myrian Gálvez, Shannon Garrison, Elizabeth Gasca, Yvette Grageda, Craig Havens, Everette Hernandez, Chris Howard, Abi Ingleton, J. Paul Getty Museum, Jacqueline Jones, Ryan and Iris Kennedy, Wendell Llopis, Jerome Lucido, Henry Madrid, Ernesto Martinez, Dr. Ralphael Mattei, Marylou Mejia, Isa-Kae Meksi, Dr. Alfredo O. Morales, Lydia Moreno, James Osburn, Ted Owens, Ed Pablos, Cipriano Padilla, Laura Rhi, Adolfo Sanchez, Salvador Sanchez & Family, Marisol Salguero, Mari Sandoval, Estela Scarlata, Joe & Denise Traboulsi, Gabriela Teissier, Rosa M. Figueroa Versage, Bob Williams, Stephanie Zill, Fuller Family(Studio Theatre Playhouse),  Robert Lobo, Mariana and john lavezzo, Ron millan.

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