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some of the buzz The Los Angeles Theatre Academy and the LATA Kids have made over the years. Click to view & download

Esmeralda Bermudez. July 26, 2014. 8:00 AM                                                   LA TIMES


Elena Versage has something to say, but the words just won't come out. "Dime," her teacher urges. "Tell me." The 7-year-old looks to the floor and wrings her hands. "I can't," she whispers. "I don't know Spanish."


It was the second day of a summer camp created by the Los Angeles Theatre Academy to help children with Latino roots hold on to their Spanish. But even in a city where everyone seems to speak un poquito de español, the goal is more easily set than accomplished.

Theatre Camp Helps Keep the Spanish in Latino-Heritage Families

KMEX- TV Channel 34 Univision's Emmy Nominated Segment Reports on the Magic Being Created in Elysian Park

from Gabriela Teissier, February  28, 2014  11:30 AM                     Univision              

This Emmy nominated report is in honor of the Los Angeles Theatre Academy, LATA, and its founder, Alejandra Flores.

The piece captures the innocence of children at play while they learn theatrical arts, singing, dancing and making their own costumes under the trees in what used to be an abandoned amphiteatre located in Elyssian Park, not too far from Hollywood. The camera work of Azucena Varela makes this story almost magical.

KNBC - TV Channel 4 - LA Theatre Academy Keeps Hispanic Tradition Alive

Lolita Lopez Sunday, September 21, 2014                                                                                   KNBC-Channel 4


Children show off their bilingual skills at the LA Theatre Academy in Elysian Park. Families say it's a way to keep cultural traditions alive for generations to come. Lolita Lopez reports for the NBC4 News on Sunday, September 21, 2014.

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