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We love our LATA family and they love us back! Below are a few reviews from our wonderful students and their parents.

Corina Dankwerts

Los Angeles, California

I wanted to share the following with you: Yesterday I asked James to tell his Spanish babysitter his line from theTheatre Academy play. I recorded his answer and it is attached. I thought
you might enjoy it - imagine that I literally fell off the chair. James
did not have any script to read and he just recited it by heart - 2
minutes and what I figure is an entire scene.I think this result (I hope you can open the attachment and listen to it) as a result of your great work with the kids and I wanted to thank you
from the bottom of my heart for inspiring what you do: a love for language
and theatre and the performing arts. The fact that James rattled it all
down by heart is a such a positive reinforcement that the kids indeed are
with you, and that what you do with them truly sticks.Anyway, just a note from a very grateful mom - thank you for all your work!

Best wishes,Corina

Paola Suarez

Los Angeles, California

“Querida Alejandra:Te queria expresar mi agradecimiento por lo que la presentacion de anoche represento para nuestra familia. La ultima vez que Camilo actuo fue el dia en que llevamos a mi suegra al hospital (8/23). Me acuerdo que mi esposo no vino a verlo porque la llevo al salon de emergencias y nosotros salimos de LATA para el hospital. Jamas me imagine que desde ese dia hasta hoy serian los dias mas dificiles de nuestra historia como familia, definitavemnte los peores en la vida de mi esposo, y uno de los mas dificiles para mi. Por que te digo esto? Porque anoche por primera vez desde el 22 de agosto no veo a mi esposo tener brillo en sus ojos, como lo tuvo ayer viendo a Camilo actuar. Tampoco le sentia esa emocion en su voz desde que su mama se enfermo. Hablamos de que queria pagar las clases de Camilo y no llegamos a acordar nada, pero no hay dinero en el mundo con que te pueda agradecer por esta experiencia tan especial para toda mi famila.Un abrazo gigante y un millon de gracias.

Janet Owen Driggs

Los Angeles, California

“We moved to Solano Canyon for the local elementary school, and we can hardly believe our good fortune that LATA is here too! Where else will you find a real child-sized theater in a park, with an extensive playground, and staff who are not only accomplished theater arts professionals but kind and loving too?"
Our son is so happy at LATA -- the singing, the gymnastics, the acting, the writing, the playing, even the homework -- but maybe most of all the atmosphere of respect for all the children and all their abilities. We can't recommend LATA highly enough."

Jason Li

Los Angeles, California

“My 8 year old girls have been attending Los Angeles Theatre Academy for the past 3 years. The staff and volunteers here are great, kids learn lots of things, and have the opportunity to participate in live performances. Most importantly, they have fun."

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